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30 Plus Men's Fitness podcast
Fitness and Nutrition for the busy over 30s male
Category: Fitness & Nutrition
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by Mark Tregilgas
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December 23, 2017 11:34 PM PST

In this podcast Mark interview's online fitness trainer, James Smith.

Hailing from Berkshire, James has only been in the fitness industry for around 4 to 5 years but he has literally blown up over the last 12 months on Social Media.

His no nonsense approach to try and cut out the B-S in the industry has gained him an almost 'cult like' following and every video he posts gets massive traction and has often caused controversy too.

I'll admit that I wasn't initially sure about James who can come across as arrogant at times, however after tracking him down and speaking to him I can confirm he is a top fella who was actually buzzing to be asked to come on the podcast (despite being 28!)

In this 90 minute recording we talk about where it all began for James and I find out that he actually spent some time studying and playing Rugby in Gloucester and the Forest of Dean which is where I hail from.

This lead to some great banter which included being tackled by a guy on a push bike during a Rugby match in one particularly rough area of Gloucester!

We discuss some of his early jobs, which included working with a sheep shearer and therefore having to wrestle some sheep! Also how he got started in the industry and built his in person PT business.

Now based in Sydney, Australia running a very successful online academy, we discuss the moment he decided to down tools in Berkshire and head across the pond to make a go of it in sunnier climates with just a few grand to his name.

Aside from the banter we talk all things health and fitness including keto, clean eating, flexible dieting, cross-fit etc.

Aside from all of this the story of his meteoric rise over the last 12 months is the thing I believe you will all get something from listening to.

Going from having to sell his car just 2 years ago as he had £8 left on his overdraft to creating a million dollar business in 2017 simply by refusing to give up, getting up early daily and create video content which has gone viral worldwide.

He describes his rise as 'weird' but had no option but to get aggressive on social media as he struggled to carve out an in person PT business in Sydney...

If you were on the fence about James then in this podcast you will get to know him way more and cannot fail to laugh at some of his stories.

It's a great story of a normal guy who just thought 'fuck it' whats the worse that could happen if this doesn't work?

James thanks for your time bud, I see the start of a great friendship - your a good guy!

As always would love to hear your feedback.

Keep Truckin

Coach Tregs


July 16, 2017 02:16 AM PDT

In this podcast Mark interview's well respected coach Phil Learney.

Phil has been a prominent figure in Strength and Conditioning fields for close to 20 years.

In this time he has established and continues to build a reputation based around his intelligent, observational and results based coaching.

Phil is without a doubt one of the most passionate guys I have ever spoken to in my 11 years in the industry.

At 39 years old Phil's story reminds me a lot of my own. Overweight as a child he was bullied as a kid at school (thankfully this never happened to me) and has no qualms opening up about the lengths that it went to.

Raised in a tough village up north, Phil quite openly talks about other kids throwing tables and chairs at him in class due to his weight and says that the bullying was relentless.

This forced him to join a gym, lose the weight and starting lifting weights to improve his physique and confidence.

This ultimately lead to a career in fitness with Phil becoming a personal trainer after completing a sports science degree at University.

After moving to London Phil built a fantastic career training clients (many high profile) in one of the most affluent areas of the City.

Just recently he has removed himself from one to one coaching (apart from one client he is training now who he can't name!) to focus on education with his 'Advanced Coaching Academy' and regularly tours for seminars across the UK and internationally.

We discuss in depth how he has evolved in the industry and questions all the time some of the information he used to put out.

We talk about how there seems to be more of a common sense approach emerging in the industry now and how most people (general public) do not need to worry about hormones, insulin, detoxification and eating out of tupperware daily to get results.

We even discuss how most people generally only have time to grab food on the run due to busy lifestyles and may only cook a meal when they get home.

Therefore we look at how places like McDonalds (yes McDonalds), Pret and M+S can cater for your macronutrient needs without you having to stress about cold chicken breasts in plastic containers.

We discuss dis-ordered eating - something we have both been through and why most people simply want to lose weight and enjoy life without becoming over-obsessive and constantly feeling restricted.

We discuss why you should always enjoy social occasions rather than dread them because you are trying to lose fat, the accuracy or inaccuracy of My Fitness Pal and why you should never totally BAN one food group.

Sit back, relax, grab yourself a coffee and enjoy all 1 hour 20 mins of content lads.

I really believe this is a 'ground breaking' podcast for you guys and will 'release the shackles' of the daily struggle of dieting for many of you.

Phil, I can't thank you enough buddy.

As always would love to hear your feedback.

Keep Truckin

Coach Tregs


June 26, 2017 03:09 AM PDT

In this episode Mark interviews Scotsman Scott Baptie from Food for Fitness.

Scott has blown up on Social media with his no nonsense info graphics cutting through the industry B-S.

His podcast on Itunes has also had close to 1 million downloads across the episodes.

We talk about all the hot topics including
fasted or fed cardio, do you really need to juice? (Veggies not roids!)

We also discuss the difference between physical hunger versus emotional hunger and if you should eat foods that you can't pronounce!

Are their foods and supplements that really
burn fat, should you eat 6 times a day and to ramp up metabolism and are carbs after 6pm really that bad?

We also conclude by discussing the Fit-Bit, which we both agree that we love but believe the calorie tracker for expenditure is out.

I believed it was over-estimating expenditure by 350 calories but Scott causes some controversy by claiming he has spoken to people who have ran lab tests and that it's far greater.

Sit back, relax, grab yourself a coffee and enjoy all 1 hour 10 mins of content lads.

As always would love to hear your feedback.

Keep Truckin

Coach Tregs


May 07, 2017 12:17 PM PDT

In this episode Mark interviews founder of Spartan Race, Joe De-Sena.

Obstacle races have blown up in the fitness industry in recent times and Joe explains how he put on his first ever Spartan event over 10 years ago in his hometown.

Of course it has since grown into a global phenomenon with races in up to 30 countries across the world.

We talk about the set-backs Joe initially endured when setting up losing money event after event, but his persistence to succeed kept him pushing forward confident this idea would initially succeed and of course it did!

At the age of 48 Joe tells me his goal is to have 100 million people across the globe compete in a Spartan Race over in the future - so far 4 million have done so.

The podcast ends with Joe kindly inviting myself and up to 10 clients from my 30 Plus community to compete in a 72 hour ultra endurance event in the Isle of Sky in Scotland in August, to which of course I gladly accepted!.

Sit back, relax, grab yourself a coffee and enjoy all 35 mins of content lads, this one is truly inspiring.

Thanks again Joe!

Keep Truckin

Coach Tregs


April 25, 2017 09:39 AM PDT

In this episode Mark interviews founder of BodyType Nutrition and educator Ben Coomber.

Ben is very well known in the industry for his popular podcast 'Ben Coomber Radio' which has way over 200+ episodes on I-tunes and often tours the country and world as a speaker and health and fitness events.

Overweight as a youngster he stumbled across a book by Paul Check called 'Eat Move and be Healthy' - this in turn helped him to go on and lose 6 stone and sparked a passion for nutrition and wellbeing.

Ben has since gone on to develop the BTN Academy®, a 14 month multi-level online nutrition course aimed to teach personal trainers, coaches, and practitioners and anyone with a curious mind how to coach the BTN way.

All the hot topics are discussed as per usual in just over 45 mins of content.

Sit back, relax, grab yourself a coffee and enjoy.

Thanks again Ben!

Keep Truckin

Coach Tregs


April 10, 2017 05:56 AM PDT

In this episode Mark interviews founder and CEO of Bodypower, Nick Orton.

A serial entrepreneur Nick has created a Global brand with annual expo's here in the UK but now also in China and India too.

We discuss his journey in business and he tells a great story of how he funded his way through university by cooking Sunday dinners for hungover students!

After building and selling his first business in the medical industry, Nick and his team turned their attention to the Bodybuilding industry, which at the time was seen as quite underground.

His first Bodypower Expo in Birmingham launched in 2009 and has since grown into a monster attracting up to 90,000 people across a weekend.

We discuss in detail how it all started, the risk involved, the sleepless nights (what people don't see) and branching out into other countries where fitness and bodybuilding is also huge!.

I also picked Nick's brain on how he manages family time around his crazy schedule, his own training (he often hosts meetings with staff whilst he's on a Watt bike at the office gym) and we talk about why it's okay not to want to switch off from thinking about business when it's something you are so passionate about.

We also talked about 'failing forward' and quite simply 'going for it' whatever your passion in life may be.

I couldn't finish without asking for Nick's advice on how I continue to grow 30 Plus Men's Fitness in the future and what he told me was invaluable.

Nick is 10 years older than me and gave me great inspiration for what is truly possible with hard work and passion.

Sit back, relax, grab yourself a coffee and enjoy all 50 minutes of value (would have loved to talk for longer but Nick is a very busy man!)

Thanks again Nick!

Keep Truckin

Coach Tregs


April 03, 2017 02:19 AM PDT

In this episode Mark interviews personal trainer and fitness model Ben Carpenter.

Ben has built up a great following on social media with his dry humour and quirky videos in which he slates common nutrition myths.

We discuss his journey through the industry and how he (and myself) has evolved over time with improved study and knowledge.

We discuss diets such as keto and paleo and how he was so afraid of carbs at times he would avoid any food that contained them even slightly.

We discuss dis-ordered eating and how he would find himself bingeing after a show or a period of eliminating carbs, eating up to 10,000 calories a day with ease but justifying it by calling it a 'cheat meal or day'.

Amongst many other subjects we also talk about the rise to fame of 'Bulletproof coffee' and get his take on it - it was actually his video on this subject that drew me to start following him a few years back.

Another jam packed episode with a tonne of information!

Sit back, relax, grab yourself a coffee (NOT Bulletproof unless that's your breakfast lolz) and enjoy all 1 hour and 18 mins of content.

I really hope you get some value from it. Thanks again Ben.

Keep Truckin

Coach Tregs


March 27, 2017 10:31 AM PDT

In this episode Mark interviews 'Happiness' coach Will Foster.

This was way different to my usual 30 plus podcasts and we covered 'mindfulness' in great detail.

The thing is - most would see Will's title and presume it's all happy clappy, sitting under a tree, bare foot with your hands out, fingers crossed - actually it couldn't be further from the truth....

Will is an over 30s man with a young family too and suffers the normal day to day worries and stress that we all do but his approach to dealing with life and it's chaos was extremely refreshing....

Some immense value in this which all busy guys can apply and I cannot wait to get it out to you all...

Also gonna be getting Will to talk at one of my Up and coming seminars if he's not too much in demand due to his recent TV appearances and book deal smiley

Sit back back, relax, grab a coffee and enjoy all 50 mins of content, I really hope you get some value from it.

Thanks again Will.

Keep Truckin

Coach Tregs

March 23, 2017 02:38 PM PDT

In this episode Mark interviews Irish fitness entrepreneur Pat Divilly.

After starting in fitness and running a successful Bootcamp on the beach in Galway, Pat went on to open his own gym then publish a few best selling books.

Deep down he knew he wanted to get into public speaking and despite being a shy lad he set about putting on 100 free seminars in a year just a short while back which catapulted him even more into the public eye.

Pat now regularly hosts sold out 'motivational' and 'mindset' seminars and weekends to packed out paying audiences and has been a regular on Irish TV.

In his spare time he trains for triathlon and has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity.

The story is even more inspiring because just 6 years ago he was almost ready to jack it all in having failed at his first personal training business in Dublin.

Thankfully, someone gave him a pep talk and he decided to give it one more go and has never looked back.

Sit back, relax, grab yourself a drink and listen to this remarkable story of how one man went from waiting tables in a pizza joint to hanging out with Richard Branson in just a matter of years.

If you are looking to be inspired to make a positive change in your life then this podcast will hopefully give you that kick.

Thanks a million Pat.

Keep Truckin

Coach Tregs


February 28, 2017 01:31 PM PST

In this episode Mark interviews Simon Hall, owner of Body Composition coaching.

Simons business works with an array of clients online offering a bespoke service to fit their goals.

We discuss in depth the Fit-Bit boom and why we believe the game-ification of exercise is a massive positive for our clients AND the general public.

We talk about how we have evolved as coaches and how things we were preaching 5 years ago has now changed drastically due to our continued learning.

Other topics covered included dis-ordered eating (where I talk about my own battles), drastically under calculating calories, being on or off the wagon and our own goals to help 1 million people in the future.

I've never met Simon or spoken to him before this podcast but it ended up like two mates bantering for close to 90 minutes!

Sit back relax, get yourself a coffee and enjoy the content.

I really hope you get as much value from it as I did and look out for some possible future stuff from 30 Plus and Body Composition as I really felt there was some great synergy between us.

Keep Truckin

Coach Tregs


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